Trendwell Co. Secs was established in Luxembourg on September 13, 1988 - we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the company on Thursday, September 13, 2018!

Back then, in the late 1980s, two young investment brains decided to offer their customers the best analytical investment market monitoring tools. The company was set up to provide the necessary framework. The driving force was not to set up a growth company that could be sold out quickly, but rather the passion to perform and offer the best. We are still on this journey. We are a micro-enterprise serving our customers in the best of our ability - and small is still beautiful.

Trendwell Co. has been boiled in many flavoured stocks and over the decades our operations have changed and shaped - we have been adaptive to ever-changing circumstances. From the very beginning, we started with the principle of risk management and risk diversification, which we continue to apply in our operations: we have always had outriggers in many sectors simultaneously operating in separate industries.

At present, our current portfolio of activities consist of Event bakery (Algot af Bakerson), Procurement of daily goods (Shopit), Transportation & Logistics (QBIC-Trans) and Floor and building material trade (Parkettimo). Far away we have moved from the original, but there are examples of other companies too that have smoothly changed from one industry to another (eg NOKIA).

Thanks to all our past, current and future customers and to all those involved in the journey, analysts, financiers, subcontractors, suppliers, cooks, packers, drivers, cleaners and so many other helping hands. Without you, our journey would not have gone beyond the beginning. Hopefully thirty years from now, we would still be on the move…


We celebrate the 30th anniversary of this family business quite suitably within the Trendwell family.


With best wishes

On behalf of Trendwell Co.


Timo W Tiihonen

Managing Partner